I checked this space today and it finally hit that I haven’t updated in two weeks. In the internet world, 14 days equates to light years so hi. I’ve been a bit busy with life (aka running the house) and work so I haven’t had the chance to write a lot. In an effort to update about more than just food, this post is about my job.

I’m a freelance filmmaker by trade. I’m usually reluctant to say filmmaker because I’ve never actually shot on film. The video above is something I directed for Sunsilk sometime late last year.

I was also fortunate enough to work on a big online Dove campaign. Two out of the three videos were just released so I’d like to share them.

I’m thankful the year’s taken to a busy start. There’s a lot more coming up that have yet to be launched but I’ll be posting them for sure. Right now, I’m busy brainstorming for a couple of online campaigns, working on pitch material and looking for music videos to direct (so if you have any leads, point them this way).

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  1. gingerparas said:

    Good Job Sarie 🙂

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