Chinese NY at Circles – Shangri-La Hotel, Makati

I know, I know Chinese New Year happened on Jan 22 but I was looking through photos on my hard drive so here we are. I’m a big meat eater so I love going here just for the prime rib.

When I’m extra hungry, I like them slicing it thick with the bone in. Perfect.

This was what my first plate looked like. Went straight for the steak but bullied myself into partial appetizer mode with Caesar salad, prosciutto and roasted garlic.

By the pasta section, which is towards the right side of the carving section, you can have your oysters baked and topped with cheese, butter and garlic. This would’ve been really good had their oysters been fatter. Look how tiny they were! 😦

Also by the pasta section, you can have them whip up a batch of risotto but this takes about 20 minutes. I usually do this right before I get my first plate so I’ll have space for it before it gets full. The wild mushroom truffle risotto is an absolute must. I like topping it with prosciutto, just like I would with any cream based truffle pasta.

Had the risotto simultaneously with this slice of lamb for the second wave of food. I think this may have been baked but the marinade was on the sweet side. Tender and cooked to medium specifications, it was good but I would’ve enjoyed this better rare. I enjoy the gamey flavor in lamb meat.

A giant red dragon passed through the restaurant in between my meal and it was too distracting to ignore. The hotel really was in celebration, the lobby was pretty decked out as well.

For dessert, I had a whole lot of chocolate chip cookies. The cookies at Circles aren’t sickeningly sweet like most of other chocolate chip cookies so I can guiltlessly eat 6 in a sitting. Really. I don’t know how they make these guys but judging by the green flecks and the taste, there is definitely a bit of pistachio in there. Seriously Ziplock worthy, if I must say so myself.

Shangri-La Hotel,
Ayala Avenue corner Makati Avenue
Makati City 1200
Contact: 813 8888
Hours: 6am – 12mn, Sun – Thurs/6am – 2am, Fri & Sat

Tip: Prices here are steep so I always eat here with adults and have never paid. Which also explains why the price isn’t listed here. I know for certain holidays they charge more, you should give them a call to check. It gets full here on most special occasions so it’s best to make a reservation beforehand.


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