Baa-gaa Time at Tokyo Tokyo!

Just recently Tokyo Tokyo launched a line of Premium Japanese Burgers and I was fortunate enough to be part of the launch event they held for a couple of fellow food-writing internet folk. It was pretty darn fun.

The event kicked off with a sushi making demo. Here’s a photo of me, dressed as a sushi chef and attempting to craft a basic California Roll. For all those concerned, I don’t usually wear themed outfits based on the restaurant’s motif. The invite stated that those in their best Japanese inspired looks would go home with prizes and I’m all about doing stuff for prizes.

It’s much harder than it looks. This is photographic proof of 2 out of the 8 rolls I did. I couldn’t seem to get that mango in there. I’m aware this looks quite sad but it tasted really good. Also, the Tokyo Tokyo sushi chefs are masters at this kinda thing. Funny thing I realized that all the Japanese joints I’ve eaten at in Manila have this down perfectly. I should make more, I suppose. Their California Maki usually goes for Php 69 but I think what I made was a bit of a flop aesthetically so it was free.

We started out with the Shogun Burger (Php 95) which of course had a beef patty, cheese, Tempura fried onion rings, and had Tokyo Tokyo’s special Tonkatsu sauce slathered over it. The bun had black sesame seeds on top of it as well which was a nice touch.

Next, they served the Shiitake Mushroom Burger (Php 95) which was my favorite one. This was delicious! The burger’s equipped with shiitake mushrooms and teriyaki sauce which sounds simple but it’s a winning combination. Just the right balance of sweet and savory with really juicy mushrooms.

Staples on the table included, Red Iced Tea (Php 32), American Maki and more Onion Rings (Php 55). I was thankful for these guys especially the American Maki. It had ham, cream cheese, nori and these sprinkles on top of the rice. It was really yummy dipped in soy sauce and Japanese mayo.

Tokyo Tokyo
1st Level, Shangri-La Plaza Mall,
EDSA cor Shaw Boulevard
Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila
(02) 687-7778
Note: There is a Tokyo Tokyo branch in almost every major mall in Manila. It shouldn’t be hard to find!

Speaking of yummy, Brapanese model Daniel Matsunaga dropped by for a while to check in on us all. He was happy we enjoyed the baa-gaas. If you haven’t seen the ad, he’s basically on it telling us all to give them a try.

At the end of it all, I was tons full and enjoying iced tea refills when I got called to the front! I had won best costume! We were three but I was thrilled anyway. I got to take home 2 bags of Muji stuff and a whole other bag of goodies from Tokyo Tokyo. They packed in a Bento Box for everyone to take home.

Rewards reaped from taking the train in sushi chef style. Muji food products, notebooks and a laptop sleeve with more Tokyo Tokyo GC’s. The event was such a success and I was thrilled to be part of it.


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