Strangelets – Yong Siak Street, Singapore

The first full day we had in Singapore, we decided to explore Tiong Bahru. I did a quick read on CNNGo the night before flying out. Once an old residential neigborhood, the changes in Tiong Bahru are only beginning.

I found out from a friend that a lot of young people are moving in the area because it’s a stone’s throw away from Orchard by train but still affordable. There are pretty little shops in the area and among them is this boutique called Strangelets.

The store was filled to the brim with interesting objects that’d probably be hard to find anywhere else. From soap to ceramic animals, chambray neckties and retro looking, wooden mp3 radios, there’s something for everybody. The catch is, while the items they sell are indeed high quality, prices are fair yet steep for someone like me. I’d consider the things sold at Strangelets, luxuries.

Happy Socks! Saw them all over different shops in Singapore but since they sell them in Adora in Greenbelt, I didn’t bother looking at how much they were.

They had all sorts of notebooks there, like Field Notes in limited edition colors. Carina saw the Balsam Fir pack and finally wanted to get it but when we converted it came out to Php 550 which is a hundred pesos more than they usually go for. I also hadn’t seen an antique stapler til then. Who knew those things looked so interesting?

These here are PostalCo notebooks and they appeared to be very well-made. They’re from Japan and that’s craftsmanship I definitely trust.

This one in particular, was my favorite. It comes with an olive leather case and it’s just really pretty. I didn’t bother to gloss over the price too long but if memory serves me right it’s probably SG$80 or above. It’s probably worth it but wasn’t within my budget.

If you’re headed to Singapore, give Tiong Bahru a visit and head on to Yong Siak Street. Strangelets is a well-curated boutique with hard to find objects that are most likely to burn a hole in your pocket. Quality over quantity, though. I think it’s better to buy expensive as long as they’re built to last.

7 Yong Siak St.
Singapore, Singapore
Area: West
Train: Tiong Bahru

The Magno wooden radio was here as well. This thing is mp3 compatible and comes at SG$400.

Strangelets carries Saipua soap for SG$16 in a variation of scents. They’re olive oil based, smell absolutely lovely and are packaged well. The soaps are crafted in small batches all the way from Red Hook, Brooklyn. I liked the Vetiver with French Green Clay.


More ceramic animals! And an office at the back for I do not know what!

Calling cards at the counter with free matchboxes with boxers. I took one home, it is now next to my toilet. HAHA!

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    Interesting Kuchi-Kuchi 🙂

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