Walking around Tiong Bahru, Singapore

I just got back from Singapore last night, a bunch of us from Manila flew over for the Laneway Festival and it was fantastic. I’m home poor but I feel eons richer with experience. These trees were really nice to look at and there’s stuff growing between the branches on the bark too. What is this tree? Does anybody know? We don’t have that in Manila. We barely have any trees here at all.

This particular trip was nice just because we were all sick of Orchard Road from last November, we decided to explore other places for a change. Here are some stills from Tiong Bahru, which primarily, is a residential area.

I like how their mailboxes look with the clutter of mail peeping from the slits under. They’d make cool collage boxes.

The government warning signs on their cigarette boxes are pretty graphic. It’s probably a more effective way for people to stop. I know Singapore charges about $5 for a pack with these gruesome stickers. I guess the person who bought it just opted to rip the graphic off.

These were posted outside a store called Strangelets on Yong Siak Street, a funny bunch of classifieds complete with deathrays and submarine vehicles.

There’s a lot of interesting things going on in Yong Siak Street and I’ll be posting about them in the coming days. I just have to sort through my photos because there are a whole lot of them. It was nice to discover a whole new Singapore just a few stops away from Orchard.


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