Disappointing Dinner at Big Bad Wolf – The Fort, Taguig

IMG_4101 copy
I’ve been wanting to try the food at Big Bad Wolf for a long time. A few good friends had a joint birthday get together there just last month and while there certainly was an abundance of drinks, I didn’t get to try the food. Flipping through the menu and reading a couple of good reviews online, I made a mental note to go back and go back, I did. After a quick but tiring shoot and dropping by an art show, Carina and I found ourselves in the Fort looking for a place to eat. Initially, Brothers was at the top of both our minds but my Magellan like need to try something new kicked in and I instantly remembered Big Bad Wolf.

The place was full up inside with the smallest table denoting reservation so we sat outside. Big Bad Wolf’s interiors are homey and nice, in my opinion. I like that there are so many different chairs. The service was good too, with an attentive waiting staff who were quick on their feet and made sure my glass was always filled to the brim with water. It was around 9pm when we were there and I was starving, my mouth watered at the options presented on the menu. Carina wasn’t hungry so we decided to share, ordering one appetizer and one main dish. Thank god we did because the food was just terrible.

IMG_4106 copy
To start with, we ordered Potato Skins with Boursin Dip (Php 145). Where do I begin? I guess, first, I must start with asking this question. Do these look like POTATO SKINS to you or POTATO WEDGES? I rest my case. If you answered skins, then you are probably the size of Hagrid and grow potatoes of mutant proportions. In terms of taste factor, this was actually good but a little too oily which I blame on them being so thick. The “skins” were pale and NOT CRISPY which I was right to expect. I mean, the menu said potato skins for crying out loud. I think the savior of this dish was the Boursin dip. How could you go wrong with Boursin though? It’s branded cheese, it fulfilled a taste I already expected.
IMG_4112 copy
These “skins” were so disappointing because they were thick but we ate them anyway because we were hungry and they were there. Carina and I were talking and we thought we’d ask the waiter about them. So our conversation goes a little something like this, I’ve translated this of course for my foreign readers (LOL). “Hey, do you really serve your potato skins this thick?” I ask, holding a wedge with my fork to show him just how thick they are. To which he replies, “Yes, they’re really like that.” In disbelief and frustration, I say “Could you please bring this in and ask the chef if this was done right?” He leaves for a bit and comes back with the exact same of pale, oily wedges and tells me it’s really the way it is. The verdict? I will never order these fake skins again, they are wedges and they should have printed that they were wedges on the menu.

IMG_4108 copy
Next up, we ordered the Pesto-rub Chicken (Php 390) with Dirty Rice as the side dish. Initially, I wanted to get the Fresh Corned Beef but they were all out of it so I settled. I was really excited for this though and I’m a big pesto fan so they couldn’t possibly get this wrong in my head until they actually did. Though the serving portion of this dish was large, it was just a whole lot of bad. The chicken was speckled with pesto but I couldn’t taste it there at all. It was generally, dry and just bland. I was surprised it was served with some pasta because this meal didn’t come out in the pasta portion of the menu, which explains why I had ordered rice. The pasta was tomato based and was just outright generic tasting. Had I eaten this at a food court without expectations, it would’ve been okay but goodness, paying a good amount of money for food this bad was just criminal. The pasta was pretty dry as well, sauce was sparse and just so bland. I was so hungry but this was something I couldn’t stand to eat. With just a few bites, I was done.

IMG_4109 copy
This was my side dish, the Dirty Rice and it had a lot of Mexican going on in my taste buds. It was a tad spicy and very tasty and actually good. It packed a bigger punch than the chicken did and it was free. UNTIL! For some odd reason, I put a chunk of something that looked a lot like ground beef from the rice in my mouth and was punched in the face by a tiny block of liver. Gross, I hate liver. Do they really put liver on here or was it a mistake? This was the point I stopped eating. The meal was bad but at least it was over.

As we were settling our bill, the waiter who had previously served us passes our table and serves an IMMACULATE plate of Potato Skins that actually look like SKINS to the people at the table next to ours. What a joke. Annoyed, I ask the waiter why theirs looks a lot more crisp and actually like Potato Skins. Looking from the pale mess on our table to the table across, he continues to tell me that they’re the same. Whatever, I gave him a chance to redeem himself and serve us a proper plate a while back but he didn’t. Because it annoys me to think about it, here’s the photo of the Potato Skins of the people at the table across. I politely asked if I could photograph their food to prove a point. I am doing so now by revealing this. Spot the completely obvious difference.
IMG_4117 copy

That was all it took. At the end of the day, I felt robbed. While their drinks are good and so is their service, I don’t think anyone should bother with their food. Who knows? It must’ve just been a bad night for them since I’ve been read a couple of good reviews online. Whatever the cause, the owners need to do serious quality control. You can’t serve bad dishes to some people and good ones to the table right next to theirs. This needs to be remedied because the place sure has a lot of potential. Unsatisfied, Carina and I had Dinner Part 2 in Banapple which I’ll post about soon.

Big Bad Wolf
G/F Fairways Tower,
5th Ave. cor. McKinley Road,
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

  1. Zet said:

    That’s such a pity. The place looks pretty interesting with its cool name and all. Haha. The potato wedges incident is pretty ridiculous though. Maybe the chef isn’t even a real one?

    • Sarie said:

      I don’t know ba. Sayang nga. To me, the worst part was the waiter trying to convince me that that’s really how they serve it after serving the table next to mine something that looked way better.

  2. Carina said:


    Ugh worst meal in a long time!

    • Sarie said:

      I know! Brothers was right there pa naman, we could’ve split a lamb burger or something!

  3. Camille said:

    Thanks for the fair warning! D: That is just horrible though. I will take note to warn my friends of this place!

    • Sarie said:

      No problem! It really is more of a chill, inuman kind of place though. So like hanging out would be fine, just eat somewhere else! LOL

  4. nayna said:

    the tater skins look terribly executed. wrong prep and wrong oil temp i reckon.
    cajun dirty rice, as far as I know, usually does have chicken liver in it though. a quick soak in milk would’ve helped remove the strong taste.

    the place looks nice to hang out in. the food looks to be overpriced though ://

    your blog makes me v. hungry!

    • Sarie said:

      I like the feel of the place, really homey and the chairs inside are pretty comfy as well. I’m not much of a drinker so I’ll head over somewhere for food more often and it’s just awful here so I don’t think I’ll ever eat here again unless it’s someone’s birthday and they’re paying.

      I’m glad, thanks for reading. Also, I hear you are a wonderful cook!

  5. Nayna said:

    Hahahaha. I enjoy your food reviews! I don’t eat out as often as I used to, so I’m not that updated with the dining scene here anymore. Though with a lot of restaurants, consistency is a big challenge. I ate at Pancake House the other day and was saddened to see the pan fried chicken had smaller portions and was dry :(( i remembered our dinner at Stackers. That chicken!

    I love to cook. Had to learn because I love to eat. You girls are welcome to come over 🙂

    • Sarie said:

      How sad! That’s my favorite restaurant fried chicken in the country. What branch? Baka it was a bad week for chiken. 😦 I’m saying restaurant because Mini-Stop’s fried chicken and Chicken Joy are faves as well. Sarap ng Stackers, I haven’t had that since.

      I love to eat as well but I’m not too great a cook. I’m kind of bad actually. I can only successfully marinade and grill steak. If you are serious about (coming over), I would really like that!

  6. I was there last night and I never really have any bad thing to say about the food or the place. 🙂

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