Bakbakan na!

Reydon Romero - URCC
Last night, I got to shoot at the Rogue Black Tie Brawl. They held it at the New World Hotel’s Grand Ballroom, the place was decked out perfectly with a stage and a ring in the middle. There were 6 fights that night, all in the mixed martial arts category, from the guys at URCC. It was the first time in my life I’d ever seen people fight the way they did last night. Unsurprisingly, it’s easier to appreciate two half-naked guys beating the pulp out of each other live than on television. Last night’s crowd was totally pumped with testosterone, even the ladies in full gowns were cheering and jeering. I absolutely don’t know anything about MMA but man, was it intense. I found myself shouting while filming the fights.

Reydon Romero - URCC
If I’m not mistaken, the rounds last night were extended to 10 minutes instead of the usual 3 which explains why all but one of the six fights ended in the first round. With the production pass they gave me, I got to position myself right by the ring which made the experience even more real. I could smell the guys’ blood and sweat as I filmed them fight which was really hardcore. Since I was on video assignment, I managed to sneak in two photos from the last fight, which are the ones I am posting here. They’re both of Reydon Romero who was defeated by Ricardo Sapno on the second round by TKO. He actually collapsed after the fight was over and I read online that it was because he was recovering still from this big bout he had just two weeks ago. I’m looking forward to see how the video turns out when it’s done. I’ll post it as soon as I can. Work’s been pretty busy these days but completely fulfilling. When you’re down and starting out like I am, there’s nowhere else to go but up.

  1. softfloors said:

    I’m excited to see this, and the rest of your work. PTX representin’

    • Sarie said:

      Thanks Petra! I started taking a bike to the office lang, I can cross the street to visit you some time. Will be in PTX with Carina for a meeting tomorrow!

    • Carina said:


      • Sarie said:

        This comment is confusing to me in the sense that I think you are talking to Reydon but you might just be talking to me.

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