Rib Breaker – Bacolod

When I landed in Bacolod, the people I was with were constantly talking about trying this under the radar rib place called Lord Byron’s. Apparently, the ribs are so good that Bacolod locals and the Manila crowd are nuts about it. Unfortunately, when we checked the map we had, Homesite seemed so far away so we never did get to try that. All we really ever did was go up and down Lacson (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing).

It was a Monday when we decided to eat in Jacopo’s which I will post about another time. When we got there the place was sealed shut and apparently stays that way every Monday. Just like any fortunate accident, the little map we had said Rib Breaker was just a 10 minute walk down the road so we took our chances in the searing hot sunshine. We were greeted by a colorful complex called Lopue’s and Rib Breaker was right open.

All of us ended up ordering their specialty, which of course is Baby Back Ribs with Garlic Rice – Php 120. These were served really quickly and fresh too, considering we watched a man grill it right outside before serving it to us. It was tender and the meat’s texture was absolute perfection. I didn’t need a knife to eat this (but I ate with one anyway because I like eating with a knife) because the meat fell right off the bone. The sauce was sweet and tangy. The little mashed potato scoop was garlicky yet tasted a bit artificial but I didn’t care. The garlic rice was great too since the garlic bits were just almost crispy.

It’s cool how you order drinks here by the pitcher. I remember a pitcher of iced tea cost us Php 40 and a pitcher of mineral water was just Php 10. The whole time I was enjoying my meal, I started to wonder why there wasn’t food this good for this cheap in Manila. And then reality factored in and I thought about well, things like rent, cost of living, supply prices, etc. I guess the next best thing I can do to get food this good for cheap is to attempt to make it myself.

Rib Breaker
Annex Building,
Lopues Mandalagan,
6100 Bacolod City,
Operating Hours: Mon – Sat: 11:00 – 23:00, Sun: 16:00 – 23:00

If you take a jeep to the end of Lacson Street, way after Robinson’s. You’ll find it a little after Convergy’s. It’s a huge complex with colorful buildings.

  1. gingerparas said:

    Tita gina has a really good barbecued ribs recipe from Tita Maur Lichauco. Lets tell her to make it one time.

    • Sarie said:

      Definitely. I don’t think I’ve ever tried that. 🙂

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