Relish at Ponte Salcedo, Makati

Relish at Ponte
Exactly last week was Carina‘s birthday so I decided to take her out for lunch at Relish. It was her first time there and I was raving about it for ages so it couldn’t have been more fitting. Relish at Ponte serves a great mix of international dishes with considerably large to-share servings at pretty affordable prices. In terms of ambiance, the place is both comfortable and sleek, and as far as service goes, the waiters are fast.

Relish at Ponte
We were both starving so I believe we might have over ordered but anyway. To start, we had the Gourmet Tomato Pesto Cheese Spread (Php 195). It’s a fairly simple dish, a slab of cream cheese slathered with pesto atop a bed of crushed tomatoes served with melba toast. If you cannot imagine how fundamentally awesome this all tastes then let me do you a favor and attempt to describe it. Cream cheese is rich, milky and has a smooth texture that blends well in contrast to the peppery, salty notes from the basil, capped off by the crisp texture of the toast and the sweet crushed tomatoes.

Relish at Ponte
Another appetizer we ordered was the Amazing Artichoke Dip (Php 325). Served with Tostitos, their artichoke dip was perfectly creamy and had a generous layer of toasted cheese on top.

Relish at Ponte
As far as main dishes were concerned, we each had an order of their famed Chimichuri Chicken Kebabs (Php 375) served with aioli. We had the option of having this with either the house salad, herb mushroom rice or roasted garlic mashed potatoes. Since we’re both extremely Filipino when it comes to these things, we both opted for rice. If you had to ask me, I’d say that this is probably Relish’s flagship dish. Everything I ordered was good but this, by far, is exceptionally good. If I were extremely wealthy and had a lot of time on my hands, I’d eat this here everyday. The chicken kebabs were juicy and oozing with flavor, sandwiched between sweet, grilled onions.

Relish at Ponte
Ever since Cafe Bola’s Greenbelt branch closed, I’ve been on the lookout for chorizo pasta that was just as satisfying as theirs. It excited me to find that Relish serves Tomato Cream Chorizo Pasta (Php 345). The noodles were al dente and there was an abundance of chorizo meat in the pasta so it was fulfilling as ever.

Relish at Ponte
To go with all that food, we each had a tall refreshing glass of Relish Lemonade with Mint (Php 110).

Relish at Ponte
Since it was Carina’s birthday, they sent us some complimentary Butter Rum Cake (Php 195) along with some singing waiters which was really nice of them. I am both a butter cake and rum cake person so I was predisposed to like this before even having tasted it. We both left Relish full and satisfied. I was just happy the food was excellent and that Carina had a happy birthday lunch.

For those interested in trying it out, Relish is the building across 711 and Il Ponticello (more popularly known as Ponti) and right next to the building where Shakey’s is. There’s a parking lot right across the place so it’s actually very convenient.

Relish at Ponte
G/F Ponte Salcedo Bldg
120 Valero Street, Salcedo Village,
Makati City, Philippines
Telephone Numbers: 519-3543 / 0999-7938888
Operating Hours:
Monday – Friday: 11:00 AM– 10:00 PM
Saturday : 11:00AM – 3:00PM / 6:00PM – 10:00PM

  1. dee said:

    I love it there. The ambiance, the food… I wish I could eat there everyday! The Chimichuri Chicken Kebab used to be my favorite before I tried their salmon. I’ve never liked a salmon dish before theirs.

    • Sarie said:

      I’m so stuck on the Chimichurri I can’t ever imagine ordering anything else. How do they cook their salmon? Maybe I should give it a shot some time!

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