King Crab House, Greenhills, San Juan

King Crab House
If you ever find yourself in the San Juan area and feel like splurging on good seafood, head straight to King Crab House. I learned about this place through my grandma who frequently orders this for us when we visit her house. They deliver absolutely anywhere within Quezon City and their seafood is fresh as ever. One fine Sunday, my grandma decided to finally take my brother and I to the restaurant. She ordered two large crabs beforehand (because they tend to run out).

Garlic Crab
When we got there, the service was quick since they were already expecting us so in a few minutes, the food was served. We had two orders of Steamed Garlic Crab (Php 150 per kg) and these were so big, I’m guessing they were possibly about a kilo each. They tasted so fresh, the meat was juicy and sweet; it was such a pleasure to eat with my hands. I especially loved dipping the crab meat in the garlic crab juice and spooning the lot of this to wet the rice on my plate.

King Crab House
As if we didn’t already have enough crab, my grandma ordered the Crabmeat Fried Rice (Php 280) which was pretty alright as just fried rice but severely lacking in crab factor. There wasn’t enough crab in this thing! Or if it was there, I couldn’t taste it. I remember Max Fried Chicken’s Crabmeat Fried Rice to be much crabbier. When we asked the waitress about why their rice was lacking in the crabmeat department, she just said that they were already portioned that way.

King Crab House
The Crispy Salted Prawns (Php 300) were a little on the small side but packed a big punch in flavor which made it well worth it. There were bordering crispy garlic bits fried along with this that I mixed with my already fried rice as well. Yum.

King Crab House
We couldn’t go wrong with an order Broccoli Garlic (Php 180) which was on the soft side but was just as good as expected. Nothing simpler than this.

The King Crab House is by far, a simple restaurant with reasonable prices considering the quality and quantity of the food they serve here. I don’t exaggerate when I say that these are the biggest crabs I’ve ever had in Manila. At the end of lunch, our bill amounted to a little over Php 4,000 just cause of the crab. It was completely worth it though, we got what we paid for.

King Crab House
327 P.Guevarra Street corner Wilson Street
Greenhills San Juan
Metro Manila 1530 Philippines
Phone number: 723 8820

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  1. Such delectable delights, your photographs are so lifelike it’s like having the ability to taste it yourself which I think is good blogging skills. Will surely visit this place anytime soon.

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