Bulgogi Brothers Manila

Sundays for me are usually spent with my grandma and my mom’s entire side of the family. Since my grandma got some sort of reconstructive tooth surgery earlier last week, we didn’t get to spend lunch with her. On the bright side, I hadn’t seen my dad in a while so I invited him to lunch at Bulgogi Brothers. With the Korean franchise open just a little over a week, I was dying to try it.

We arrived at around 1pm, the place was packed and we were 13th on the waiting list. The lady in charge told us to come back in a bit since there was a long wait. My dad, brother and I decided to kill time in Dexterton, the furniture, home utility shop right across. Being a considerably huge store, we must’ve spent twenty minutes there at most. When we got back to Bulgogi Brothers, there was an available table.

Ambience wise, it’s pretty comfortable, with Kpop playing in the background and the place not being too smokey. Something I particularly enjoyed was the free tea they served us, it didn’t taste artificial. Really good actually. Please excuse the photos for this post, I was only armed with my phone.

We ordered a great amount of stuff since we were pretty much starving and it was the first time we all ate there. With Bulgogi being a specialty, we ordered two kinds. The special Un-yang Bulgogi, which consists of ground beef patties shaped like hearts and the Seoul Bulgogi.

Let’s start with the Seoul Bulgogi (P595). How does one say bland and disappointing without saying bland and disappointing? I am too lazy to think. The Seoul Bulgogi is served as this kind of soup with chopped vegetables, meh. It’s lame. Do not order.

The Un-yang Bulgogi (P995) though is a different story, first of all it’s cute. Who can say no to heart-shaped meat? I was surprised to find that they were patties. The waiting staff assists in cooking these right on your table. It’s served with this sauce plate containing 3 things, a salty sauce, a spicy sauce and a dash of salt. This on the other hand was quite good and had a sort of buttery after taste I quite enjoyed. It was rich and tasty, I would say. I’ve never quite tried bulgogi like it.

The Aftermath

Apart from that, we also ordered the Dwaeji Galbi Gui (P495) which is what you are looking at on the mid right area of the photo. It’s pork spareribs grilled with a couple of bell peppers, it’s quite sweet and nothing great. Where are the sesame seeds in this place? I noticed that there are no sesame seeds in any of the dishes! I associate Korean food with sesame seeds! Where are they hiding the seeds? Also, I thought the Sogogi Japchae (P350) was bad. Maybe it’s cause they didn’t use sesame oil. Fine, fine, it wasn’t bad, it just didn’t taste like much. Bland.

Verdict: Nothing special. None of the food there, including the Un-yang is actually crave worthy. I feel like since I’ve already tried it, I don’t need to go back anymore. Plus, my mom’s bulgogi is much more satisfying and hey, it’s free! If you want really good Korean food, head over to Korea Garden in Jupiter.

Bulgogi Brothers
3/F Greenbelt 5, Ayala Center, Makati City
(Beside UCC Terrace Cafe)
Telephone Number: +632 621 6216


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